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Raymond the Stingray

Bull ray (2 of 1).jpg

About me

I am one of the largest stingray species in the world and am probably bigger than you, but don't judge me for looking big and scary. I will only ever get moody if you step on me or harass me.  Otherwise I will keep myself to myself.

I like to swim in Bondi and my family are found in most of your Sydney beaches, both in the harbour and in the sea.

I have many ray cousins that either live in Bondi or come to visit, such as the Eagle rays, Cownose Rays, Smooth Stingrays, Black Stingrays.

Norman the Greynurse is one of my friends and I am often seen with him.

Bull ray and Sam (2 of 1).jpg

Why the shark nets are dangerous for us

Bull Ray (2 of 1).jpg

Unfortunately, we do get caught in the nets often. We have a stronger chance of survival once caught in the nets, but it is really stressful.

35 Rays died in the 2020/2021 period

"There were 298 interations with other non-target species including:

137 rays (35 dead, 102 released alive)"

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