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Dolly the Dolphin


About me

Here in Bondi we have a few species of dolphin. I am a Bottlenose Dolphin, and live in Sydney with my family all year round. We are a friendly bunch and really enjoy playing in the waves. Sometimes that means we are side by side with the surfers in Bondi Beach.


My cousins also live in and around Sydney. They are the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin and the Common Dolphin .

All us dolphins eat fish and squid. We can hold our breath for about 20minutes. We are one of the most social and intelligent animals that live in the sea.  We are a protected species in Australia.

We have lived in Bondi for so long that there are even Ancient Aboriginal rock carvings of my family in North Bondi.

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Why the shark nets are dangerous for us

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Unfortunately, my family and friends get caught in the nets from time to time. Every year we get caught - about 5 of us across NSW die every year.


So far not a single one of us survived after getting caught in the nets since 2011. Getting caught in the net is pretty much a death sentence, and because we play so much in the waves we don't see the net until it is too late.

The government have put dolphin pinger and whale alarms in the nets, but they do not work as every year we still get caught and die.

6 Dolphins died in the 2020/2021 period

The dolphins that died in the 2020/2021 netting period were killed in the Manly, Palm Beach, Narabeen, Curl Curl, Bronte, and North Wollongong shark nets. 

DPI Dolphin kill count.JPG
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