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Alternatives to the lethal Shark Nets

Proposed Solutions

Addressing Genuine Concern

​False Assumptions

  • People think the shark nets keep them safe

  • People think the shark net is a barrier

  • People think that they cause no harm

In Reality

  • The sharks nets are not barriers

  • The shark nets are designed to entangle

  • Animals caught in the net attract sharks

  • There are better safer solutions

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Many non-lethal alternatives exist and when applied in combination have proven to be much more effective than the lethal methods at mitigating the risk of shark encounters.

Non lethal shark control measures.jpg


Shark detecting drones are currently being used on a few beaches (conducted by Hover UAV) as part of the NSW Government’s $21 million Shark Management Strategy. These have proven remarkably effective at spotting sharks, identifying species, and clearing the water if it is a species of concern.  Extending this program would also help prevent drownings.



Modern alternatives exist that do not cause any harm to animals and act as a shark barrier such as the Eco Shark Barrier and Shark Safe Barrier for calm waters and the Ocean Guardian LR1000 Shark Barrier for rougher waters.

Eco Barrier.jpg
4. LR1000 Shark Barrier - below water deployment.jpg


A shark has short-range electrical receptors in their snouts (called the “Ampullae of Lorenzini”) used for finding food. The  Ocean Guardian Shark Shield Technology emits an electrical current which deters great whites sharks. If a shark comes within a few metres of these devices the shark experiences discomfort which makes it swim away. 


 Personal deterrents can be used by divers, surfers and spear fishers.


Lack of education in general public of Australia must be addressed

Schools should teach life-saving information about how to minimise the chances of interactions with sharks


Addressing the false sense of security

Shark nets do not act as a barrier between you and the shark. In fact, the nets do not reach the bottom of the ocean, or the top of the ocean and only span 150m wide x 6m deep in NSW. Sharks swim under, over and around them.

Raising awareness of the marine life that dies as a result of the nets

Approx. 90%+ of all catch is non-target species and about 2 thirds of animals caught in the nets die, which attracts predatory sharks for a free meal. 



Contrary to popular belief, shark attacks are usually a case of being provoked or having mistaken identify. The reason people may die from a shark attack is due to bleeding. All swimming beaches need to be equipped with trauma medical kits to hand.

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