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Homer the Hammer-head


About me

I am Homer the Smooth Hammerhead shark. I am quite a social shark and so you may see that I am often with a friend or two.


I love swimming in the shallow water, and I love eating small fish. I help keep the ocean healthy as I eat the diseased fish, and I make sure that there is a nice balance of species in the ocean.

I am a species vulnerable to extinction, and my close cousin the Great Hammerhead is critically endangered.


Why the shark nets are dangerous for us


Unfortunately, we are really vulnerable to getting caught in the nets. In fact, the shark nets seem to catch us more than anything else.  we are the most caught species that from the shark nets and 616 of my family have been caught and killed in the nets over the last decade. This is why we are vulnerable to extinction, so we need your help to find non-lethal alternatives.


So many tourists travel around the world to swim with me, but here in NSW I am needlessly killed, which sucks!


60 Hammerheads died in the 2020/2021 period in NSW

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