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Norman the Greynurse


About me

I may look a bit scary, but I am known to be one of the most docile sharks in Australia. I only have a mouth big enough to eat little fish and so humans don't look tasty to me at all.

My family lives in Bondi (mostly they are girls) and every year we travel up and down the East Coast of Australia, to socialise, and to make babies. We have lived here for thousands of years and feature in the North Bondi ancient Aboriginal rock carvings.

We are a Critically Endangered population of Greynurse sharks and have the highest levels of protection in Australia, so we  wish those shark nets were removed. Every year members of my family are caught and die in those nets.

Grey Nurse Sobo- low res.jpg

Why the shark nets are dangerous for us

Mikey's right side- Sobo 24-7-2021.jpg

Unfortunately, we do not always survive after getting caught in the nets. Getting caught in the nets is a very stressful experience for us.

As many as 57 of my friends and family have died in the nets over just the last 10 years. There are only around 1500 of us left on the East Coast of Australia and so we really need your help to stop using those lethal shark nets.

Nelly my girlfriend Greynurse, and all my other friends living in Sydney would love your support

3 Greynurse sharks died in the 2020/2021 period

DPI Greynursekill count.JPG
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